Alchemi T200 Razor

19" rack-mount  

Faceplate T200.png

The Alchemi T200 Razor is a modular, high-density, embedded power system that features ultra-efficient operation of up to 97.2% and has been specially designed for use in telecoms, data-centres, energy storage systems and other demanding applications requiring a 48V power supply.  


Its modular and flexible design facilitates the easy installation and expansion of power systems in 1U 19” format with 200A, 48V power output per rack up to 2000A, 48V using up to 10 T200 units in parrallel. 

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Supercharged Performance
At only 1U height the T200 Razor can deliver 200A of 48V power at ultra-high efficiencies up to 97.2%

IoT Ready 
The has IoT Ready capabilities that are available on request. 
This allows users to remotely monitor all relevant data pertaining to the charging sequence from the comfort of a PC/phone

This versatile AC/DC power module is universally compatible with any 48V  battery configuration and its output can be customized on request to suit your needs. The optimized, chemistry specific battery charging profiles are accompanied by an optional maintenance sequence that has been specifically developed to ensure optimal performance and increased service lifetime from your battery.



The T200 Razor unit operates with universal AC input configured as single-phase or 3-phase with balanced current draw.

The unit is cooled by an internal thermostatically-controlled fans with high MTBF ratings and is guaranteed the highest performance in even the most demanding environments.The high operating temperature capabilities alongside many internal protection mechanisms ensure continued safe operation with no power derating up to 55°C.

3-Phase AC input Voltage
The T200 Razr is a versatile constant voltage power supply made for a global market and  accommodates 3-phase AC inputs 


Saves you money over the long-term
With ultra high-efficiency and a long-service lifetime normalized cost of ownership of a T200 Razr is much lower when compared to its competitors.