SuperTitan™ Battery 

The 25 year battery. 

Energy Storage that makes sense. 

  • 2 kWh SuperTitan™ Battery Pack

  • 25 year lifetime

  • 20,000 charge cycle capability

  • Wide Operating Temp of -40 °C to +60 °C

  • Available in 2.5V or 55V 

  • High Charge/Discharge Capabilities of 5C


2 kWh SuperTitan™ Battery

12 kWh SuperTitan™ Battery

Modularity, simplified. 

  • Modularly Expandable in parallel or series.

  • Wide Operating Temperature

  • Effortless Installation

  • Battery Enclosures made from up to 50% recycled materials. 

  • Open Comms Protocol

  • IoT Enabled 

  • Panel light status interface 

  • Integrated Stack Busbar Design

  • Connect via wifi

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Solar Energy
Sustainable Energy

 A modularly expandable battery from 2kWh - 2MWh+

60 kWh SuperTitan™ Battery

100 kWh SuperTitan™ Battery

250 kWh SuperTitan™ Battery

A reliable, long lasting battery is the key to energy independance. 

SuperTitan™ Battery

Conventional NMC Lithium Ion 

            A unique value proposition.
Safe, reliable and cost effective energy storage. 

Intuitive Panel Light Interface. 

Green - Charging...

Blue - Fully Charged.

Red - Error

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