The Alchemi Intelligent Supercharger is one of the best and most versatile battery chargers in the world.

It features our revolutionary universal DC output capabilities (15-58.5 V) with industry leading ultra high-efficiency charging up to 98.1%

The unit charges batteries using our intelligent, chemistry specific charging profiles and our dynamic, real-time temperature compensation algorithm that is guaranteed to deliver the perfect charge every time, regardless of environmental conditions 

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Universal Battery Voltage Compatibility: 15 - 58.5 VDC 
The Alchemi Supercharger can charge any battery, with any voltage between 15-58.5 VDC, any chemistry and with any configuration. 

This feature along with our universal AC input voltage (85-300 VAC) and custom pre-loaded profiles makes this charger a truly universal Supercharger usable everywhere in the world. 



The Supercharger's exclusive, chemistry specific charging profiles and automated maintenance sequences are available for the following batteries: 

  • AGM (Lead-Acid) 

  • GEL (Lead-Acid)

  • Flooded (Lead-Acid)

  • Lead Crystal 

  • Carbon 

  • Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

  • Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po)

  • Lithium-Titanate 

  • Nickel Cadmium 

  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)

  • Vanadium-Redox

  • Customized 

Model 30


Model 60


Model 60 Pro



This industrial-level charger has been distinctly designed to ensure optimal performance and increased lifetime from your batteries and battery-strings. Your batteries were an investment, now make sure you protect that investment with the best charging hardware on the market: the Alchemi Supercharger.


Intelligent charging profiles for 10+ batteries

Every battery chemistry is different and therefore requires a unique charging profile.
The Supercharger supports more than 10 different battery chemistries and we even offer customized profiles on request. 

Dynamic, Real Time Temperature Compensation
The Supercharger's RTTC algorithm adjusts your battery's charging profile in real-time according to ambient temperatures.

This ensures the perfect charge every time and commands maximum lifetime from your battery 

Supercharged Performance
The Supercharger is a high-powered, high-energy density, high-performance charger that can safely charge your batteries up to 70% faster when compared to conventional trickle chargers. 


Customized maintenance sequences
Your batteries need to be serviced on a regular basis, failure to do so can seriously shorten its service lifetime.

The Supercharger features automated maintenance sequences that takes the hassle out of battery ownership whilst ensuring optimal service lifetime from your batteries.   

Supports all future battery technologies
The Supercharger is a future-proof charger.

As exciting new batteries are released onto the market, we will release downloadable firmware with specialized charging profiles and maintenance sequences for these new batteries free of charge.
This means this may be the last charger you will ever need to purchase.  

Ultra-High efficiency charging
The Supercharger achieves efficiencies of up to  98.1%  which can save users more than 1000 kWH in wasted energy over its 15 year service life when compared to conventional, low-cost chargers. That is enough to power the average household for more than 60 days!

Comes with a 3 year guarantee
The Supercharger has an expected service life of 15 years for the average user and comes with a 3 year guarantee. 
This charger has been designed with heavy duty use-cases and reliability in mind and should last a technological generation. 

IoT Ready 
The Supercharger features IoT Ready capabilities that are available on request. 
This allows users to remotely monitor all relevant data pertaining to the charging sequence from the comfort of a PC/phone

High operating temperature with derating 
This unit offers excellent performance at high ambient temperatures of up to 75 ℃. 
It is capable of full-load operation up to 55 
with automated power derating of 30% at 75 ℃. 

Universal AC input Voltage
The Supercharger is a versatile charger made for the global market which features universal AC input voltage (85-300VAC) capabilities.


Saves you money over the long-term

Between higher-efficiency, a long-service life  and longer lasting batteries the normalized cost of ownership of a Supercharger is lower when compared to its competitors.
Simply said, our charger saves you money!

Multiple Safety features 
The Supercharger has many built in safety features including: anti-spark, battery under voltage-, battery not connected-, short circuit-, over voltage-, over temperature and over charging protections. 

Customized OEM Manufacturing
We offer customized OEM manufacturing solutions for the Alchemi Supercharger. Choose between custom colors, software, surface finishes along with a
 wide variety of DC connectors available for large order quantities. 

High Energy Density and Heavy Duty 
The Supercharger's ultra high-energy density makes the unit very compact and light weight. It is easily stack-able with rack-mountable units available on request. 

Alchemi Supercharger IoT Dashboard 

The Supercharger offers an intuitive IoT Dashboard for users to control and monitor their charging process. Simply connect to the Supercharger's unique cloud network using any web-enabled device and take control. 

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