Advanced Product Design 

We specialize in: 

  • Circuit Design

  • PCB Layout

  • Component and Power Design

  • Firmware Design

  • 2D & 3D Mechanical Design

  • Software Design and solutions

  • Prototyping

Whatever your design requirements, we are capable of satisfying them. 

CAD Design 

Our team has extensive experience in Computer-Aided Design (CAD),  specifically mechanical part design and designing for assembly.

We can render CAD assemblies of up to several thousand parts and provide in-depth guidance on material selection. 

Supply Chain Management

Efficient and cost-effective supply chains are key to successful businesses. 
We can assist you to set-up and manage high-volume production oriented supply-chains to enable you to serve the global audience with your custom product.  

circuit board manufacturing
Product Manufacturing 

Our manufacturing solutions include: 

  • PCB Manufacture & Assembly

  • OEM Manufacturing

  • Mechanical Part Manufacturing

  • High-volume Product Assembly

  • Order fulfillment solutions 

  • Warehousing and Distribution 


Our tailor-made solutions are designed to fulfill your lead-time, price, and volume requirements. 

Rapid Prototyping

Alchemi's high-precision, multi-material SLS rapid prototyping services are perfectly suited for cost-effective low-production runs and prototyping.

We offer a whole range of thermoplastic resins and metals with tolerances of up +-0.01mm. 

Business Development

We assist our clients in pursuing growth through the identification and execution of technologically driven strategic opportunities.

Growth by means of better, more efficient and more cost-effective solutions to existing and future electronic system requirements. 

Electrical engineer prototype development
Prototype Development 

We offer comprehensive prototype development solutions for almost any industry.  

If you have a great idea for an electronic or electro-mechanical product, we can assist you to get from the concept stage to mass-manufacturing your product. 

Our team's vast experience and network ensures that your vision is brought to life.

CNC Machining

Our world-class CNC machining capabilities are ideal for your high-volume manufacturing requirements. 

With access to some of the most advanced, multi-axis CNC facilities in the world,  we can offer tailor-made production packages in a vast range of metals and plastics. 

Business Meeting
Technical Consultation

The most expensive manufacturing mistakes are made during the conceptualization and design period, which is what we want to help you avoid.
We offer in-depth reports, expert opinions, proposals, and other consulting services to ensure success.