The Problem

Plastic waste and micro-plastic pollution is an ever-present reality. It can be found everywhere, including our oceans, our rivers, beaches, landfills, water, fish and even our food. 

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It is no secret that the world is drowning in plastic waste and recent research shows that the level of micro-plastic pollution and the potential risks involved are more serious than we ever thought possible.  

Perceived by the masses as worthless and discarded as such, plastics are quickly filling the world’s landfills, rivers and oceans. Since it takes on average 800 years for plastic to decompose we can be sure that this problem will be ever-present, unless we urgently and collectively find a solution. Our ignorance can no longer be accepted as an excuse if we wish to leave a habitable planet for future generations to come. 

Almost every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists in the world in one form or another. Reducing our consumption and reusing where we can, is simply not good enough and our collective trajectory will be one of an ecological holocaust if nothing is done.

How we act now, will determine the fate of all life on Earth. 

Our Democratized Solution 

The recapturing of recyclable waste plastics into functional, merchantable, higher forms with timeless design through our open-source, large-format 3D printing technologies on a global scale.

An initiative propelled forward by a passionate community and donations from enterprises, NGO's, Governments, Foundations and private individuals.


Alchemi's proposed solution (albeit only a partial one) to this momentous problem, is to leverage the tremendous power of consumerism, entrepreneurship and technology to achieve our desired goal of creating a new circular economy around plastic waste. 
We wish to achieve this through the open-source financialization and utilization of the large-format, automated, additive manufacturing technologies and innovative business models that we have developed, that will be freely available for all to use as they see fit.

Our game changing 3D-printing technologies allow users to print with recyclable plastics at only about 5% of the cost and up to 2000x faster than conventional filament based 3D printers. This solar-powered process has been exclusively developed for the large-format transmutation of waste plastics into high-end designer furniture, household goods and other functional parts that ought to last generations. 

Through our attempt to demystify and democratize the robotic manufacturing tools of the future, we can empower a whole new generation of artists, designers and eco-entrepreneurs to join us in a new way of thinking about plastic waste.

Through this fresh approach we could inspire the next generation of eco-entrepreneurs and support local communities with cost-effective, large-format, environmentally friendly robotic manufacturing solutions that can empower them in ways that we could have never imagined. 


The time has come for us to hand over the torch to the next wave of enablers, visionaries and luminaries to find innovative and merchantable use-cases for 3D-printed goods made from recycled plastics within their communities.
Together we will create a platform for open-source, turnkey, and modular eco-capitalistic business models  based on this technology available freely to all whom wish to partake in this innovation leadership initiative.  

This open-source platform will open channels for meaningful discourse and will allow us to share our resources, knowledge, ideas and designs so that we can create a whole new industry around plastic waste together. 

Through additional research and development, and traction within a passionate, open-source community we are confident that this automated, carbon-negative, additive manufacturing process may change the way we see plastic waste forever.

Let us leverage the technologies of tomorrow to solve the problems of today. The miracle of large-format robotic manufacturing is a force to be reckoned with and together we can unlock untold possibilities and solutions to mitigate the devastating impact that our collective plastic addiction is having on all other species that we share this planet with. 

Only through our collective efforts can we raise global consciousness and shift the reigning paradigm towards a more holistic approach that is both more ecologically sustainable and morally rational.

Join our open-source revolution today. 


   11,200 straws become 1 timeless winerack in 46 minutes   


Print Time: 1hour 10 mins
Cost: $9.65
Sold for: $60.00

Enter the Trash2Cash Machine 


Alchemi's unique, solar-powered manufacturing process utilizes a large-format, industrial, additive manufacturing robot that we exclusively developed for the transmutation of recyclable waste plastics (or blends) into higher, functional, marketable forms. This process will provide access to industrial level robotic manufacturing to rural communities using waste plastic as a resource.

Our machine goes by the name of the Trash2Cash (T2C) Machine and essentially functions as a mould-less, injection-molding machine mounted on a large-format, delta configuration industrial robot. 

The T2C machine is arguably the largest delta-3D printer in Southern Hemisphere and features a build volume large enough to print basic furniture and many other functional household items from recyclable plastics and blends.
All our intellectual property will be open-sourced (in due time) in the hope that it may gain meaningful global adoption to serve as many needs as possible through large-format, recycled plastic transmutation. 

















Why it works
The benefits of using recycled plastics as an input to this manufacturing process is not only the A-grade choice from an environmentally friendly perspective, but it also makes sound financial sense. 

Our process allows for 3D-printing at only about 5% of the cost when compared to traditional filament based 3D-printers and now for the first time ever it will be possible to 3D print in large-format at reasonable cost.  

The process is 99% materially efficient, extremely cost effective and allows for faster production cycles, tangible design and a wealth of customization freedom. It is the ultimate tool of the alchemical eco-capitalist and the perfect 4 way marriage between art/design, technology, entrepreneurship and ecological impact awareness. 

How it works

Recyclable plastic (or blends) is fed into the printer head in the required form, from a 2-stage hopper into a chamber which then melts the plastic and deposits it through the heated nozzle at the required rate and at the required position as predefined by a computer generated tool-path.
Layer by layer a facsimile of a computer generated 3D object is constructed. 

A closed-loop feedback control algorithm ensures that the machine never makes a mistake while printing at deposition speeds of up to 2000x faster than conventional desktop filament based 3D-printers. 

Enter a world of unlimited possibilities with the Trash2Cash Machine and The Trash2Cash Foundation.

Please support our cause so that we may further develop our research.
More information below.

T2C Machine Specifications: 


Print volume: Ø1200 x h920 mm
Machine Dimensions: 2.2x1.5x1.5m 
Printing speed: 200mm/s
Deposition speed: 7kg/hr+

Minimum layer height:  500 micron 

Head-accuracy: 500 micron
Head operating temperature: 120-320C

Configuration: Delta robot 

Nozzle diameter: Ø1-25mm 

Position Control: 40,000 pulses/rev       closed-loop feedback

Processor:  32-bit Cortex-M4 

Interface: LCD touch screen 

Input: 220V,  60Hz
Power Usage: 2kW peak

Material Specifications: 

Recycled Materials:
rHDPE, rPP, rPC, rHIPS, rABS rLDPE(or blend thereof) 


Virgin Materials: 


Material input form:
Shredded flakes, pellets or chips

T2C Dev Kit:                        $13,500*

Indicative Market Value:     $28,000

Solar-power T2C Dev Kit:     $16,200*  

Indicative Market Value:     $32,000

*Please note, prices are only estimates, kits will be provided from 3rd parties in Shenzhen and we make no profit or will not partake in any transactions regarding a T2C machine. 


                    The Trash2Cash Machine                   

Open-Source Github (Coming Soon)

Please donate to our cause:


Ethereum: 0xe37FfE1Ef60221C91A91e4D17E8dAA7E6eB9e9ac


Bank Wire: IBAN: DE89 7001 1110 6057 1109 86

                   Bank code: DEKTDE7GXXX

Rekative cost chart.png

Creative Commons Licence

CC licence.png

Print Time: 46 minutes
Cost: $7.50
Sold for: $51.50



Research shows that slowly but surely, affluent consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious regarding their purchasing patterns and favor ‘green’ and carbon-neutral products over ‘non-green’ ones. Enterprises are also following suit in an attempt to lower their carbon footprints and to become eligible for carbon tax credits.

Across the world we are seeing a quantum leap in the scale and pace of recycling initiative roll-outs, which imply that soon, recycled plastics will become a new inner-city resource that will be more widely available at a relatively low cost. 

An abundant, low cost resource coupled with a revolutionary technology, a new way of thinking and an ever growing demand for products made from this recycled resource is a vast opportunity for profit. 


Financial incentive will lead the way for a new generation of eco-entrepreneurs as we provide them with the tools they require to transform their communities, clean up the planet and empower themselves through technology and innovative usecases of 3D-printed recycled plastic.

We aim to empower all who wish fully capitalize on the turning tide of green-technology in the additive manufacturing industry and the environmentally conscious manufacturing revolution that is about to take place.


We invite all investors, philanthropists, tinkerers, tech-luminaries and visionaries to join us in our pursuit of finding a both viable and financially sound solution to the plastic problem we face. 

Our Collective Opportunity

The Trash2Cash Foundation

The Trash2Cash Foundation is a non-profit organization and the beneficiaries of the Foundation is all non-human animals on Earth. 

The Foundation's Mission is twofold: 


1. To assist in the further research and development of the Trash2Cash machine and its open-source platform along            with an investigation into additional viable open source business models surrounding the Trash2Cash concept. 
2. To be an active proponent in the protection of the natural environment through non-conventional practices. 

What lies ahead

Further Polymer Science research needs to be conducted. 
  1. The viability of PET as an input needs to be perfected through more RnD

  2. Further research into more viable blends to recapture other plastics into a blend. 

Robotics Research: 
  1. In-depth cost analysis of Trash2Cash machine and how to make it more cost                            effective and easier for users to operate. 

Online Marketplace

More info to come. 


I'd like to thank the legendary Mr. Doug Case, Wikus Kritzinger and Lilian Paizes for their unrelenting support over the years that has led to this project coming to fruition. 

I would also like to thank Mr. Arthur Wolf and Dr. Hofmann for the amazing work they did, which that had an tremendous impact on the success of this project. 

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.